Friday, April 29, 2016

Emperors Children 2k List

So I have played a dozen or so games of Age of Darkness. I really enjoy the Emperors Children Astartes special rules.  I can outflank the Spartan/terminators and the Lightning. Choosing what turn they arrive on in secret with the Maru Skara special rule. The Artillery and whirlwind set up as a hard point. If there is an alpha strike I can hold them in reserve as well then outflank because rite of war effects elites/fast attack. 

Lightning can open up almost any heavy transport on the board ,The Master of signal acts as a spotter for the artillery upping their bs to 5, and If inclined can drop his barrage instead any foot slogging troops. Splinter shells are the hail mary against any TEQ.


Praetor: Tartaros, Iron halo, Phoenix Spear, Rite Of War: The Maru Skara

Consul: Legion Champion, Phoenix Spear, Boarding Shield, *req

Consul: Master of Signal


Legion tactical squadLegion tactical squad
Sgt, Artificer armour, Phoenix spear 
Squad Close combat weapons
Nuncio Vox

Sgt, Artificer armour, Phoenix spear 
Squad Close combat weapons
Nuncio Vox


Legion Terminator Squad
Lightning claws x4 
Phoenix spear x 1
Legion Spartan assault tank
Flare shield, Armoured Ceramite , Dozer blade

Quad Mortar squad x3 
Splinter shells

Fast Attack: 

Lightning Strike fighter 
Kraken Penetrator heavy missile x2 
Twin linked Missile launcher x1
Battle servitor, Ground Tracking

Heavy Support:

Whirlwind Scorpoius

Monday, April 25, 2016

Kit bashed lightning strike fighter

The Horus Heresy is in full swing with my local gaming group. The arms race has been brutal with the Land Raider Spartan being one tough nut to crack. I was toying with the idea of getting the Lightning Strike fighter but I have went mostly infantry with the Emperor's Children, kitted out this guy costs a little less than a land raider and can open one up with ease. Tank hunter and strafing run are a must in my opinion.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Horus Heresy and More

I got myself the Horus Heresy Box set for Christmas. I have started painting them. Ill have a few pics and the hobby Blog updated soon. Showcase coming as well.